So Thankful!

This Thanksgiving is extra special for my husband and I as we are so blessed to share it for the first time with our daughter. 

It was so hard to comprehend what it would be like or feel like to be a mom but now that I actually am a mom I can honestly say that it is the most wonderful thing in the world!  Even though I no longer get to sleep through the night, waking up to see Hannah's beautiful face makes it all worth it! To see her grow everyday. To see those moments of her connecting with you... starring right into your eyes.  To get those little moments of smiles and finger holds.  It truly is the best thing ever

We are so thankful to have such a wonderful and healthy daughter!

The holiday season brings friends and family together and it has been great for Hannah to meet everyone, some people of which we have not seen in quite sometime! She is truly loved. We couldn't ask for better friends and family!  

We are so thankful for you and we love you all!

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


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