Hosting Thanksgiving

Here we are, Thanksgiving is upon us. Not quite sure how that happened since I swear it was just October...

This time of year is always busy for us. We have a family get together every weekend from now until Christmas. It makes the time go way too fast and sometimes I feel cheated on our fun time with the kiddos, but this year I am really wanting to slow down and squeeze in some fun time. One thing I would really like to do is load the kiddos up in the car with some hot chocolates and drive around to look at the Christmas lights. :o)

But first, Thanksgiving.

I am hosting again this year for our immediate family so I have been getting everything ready. I am kind of stressing out about fitting everyone in our dining room...since our families have grown a bit since last year. But Nick is off and he said he would help me move things around and figure it out. :o/ Oh bigger dining I long for you!!

I am hoping to do a gold and cream themed table...if all works out. I spray painted some leaves and plastic pumpkins and gourds gold. The leaves will have names on them and serve as place cards. We'll have cream dishes and gold table clothes.

I made these cute turkey crayon holders since I bought a coloring tablecloth for the kiddie table. :o) I think they are just too cute!

Then we have the menu.

We are sticking with the staple Thanksgiving side dishes (stuffing, deviled eggs, rolls, cranberry sauce, sausage and saaukraute, broccoli casserole) but I am trying out a few new recipes.

I am going to try out these bacon green beans...because everything is better with bacon, right!? :o)

I am also going to try my hand at the crockpot mashed potatoes. They seem easy and look delicious.

Then, my dad is going to deep fry a turkey and my BIL is making a turducken.

I think we will have plenty of food. :o)

What are some of your Thanksgiving staples? Any awesome recipes you want to share?

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  1. I'm going to send you a pin on Pinterest of something I found! Your Thanksgiving sounds like it is going to be great! Brian has always wanted to try a turducken. Maybe one of these years he will =)
    We are spending Thanksgiving at Camp, and i'm making a broccoli casserole that is to die for! I'll send you the recipe if you want it. It was served at a really nice restaurant where I grew up, and when they closed my mother managed to get the recipe =) I'm glad you mentioned deviled eggs, because i'm so making them now =)

    1. Thanks for the pin!! That is a definite must do now!!!

  2. Thanksgiving sounds like it's going to turn out great! We are traveling about 2 hours away this year for the first time to visit my husband's family and it makes me sad because we won't be having a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Bummer!!!!! That turkey is THE CUTEST EVER!!! Maybe we will just drive to your house instead! ;) Happy Turkey Day, friend!

    1. Stop on by!! :o) happy turkey day to you too, my dear!

  3. I remember we drove around to look at all the Christmas lights when I was with you. I'm still impressed by the lights today ;-)


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