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I've been missing in action lately and I feel like whoever was actually reading my blog before has now traveled somewhere else...  :o/

I apologize for my absence but quite honestly, it has been a nice break. I enjoyed not feeling like I had to find something to blog about. But at the same time, it makes me sad because I look back at past posts on my blog quite often and I feel like each month I blogged less and less. Poor Hailey...her life is not being documented like Hannah's. :o(

So as the year come to a close...a crazy busy close...I am going to try to get back into the blogging mood. Mostly for myself, but I would love for you to stick around. I would really enjoy it if you joined me for the ride and I get back into documenting our life! :o)

So let's play catch-up!

I blogged about Halloween (kind of). Halloween was a big giant bust in the trick or treat department because we had 40mph wind gusts, rain and sleet and snow. So we opted to take the kids the day before Halloween to our old high school for some indoor trick or treating. So the kids did get candy but it was definitely not the same as going house to house. Plus, I was so excited for the kiddos to walk around in their cute costumes and they didn't get to. :o( But, it was way better to stay warm...especially since everyone (but me--knock on wood) has been fighting some sort of sicky since before Halloween.

Hailey...oh my, Miss Hailey! She is growing up way too fast. She has decided that when she eats she wants to eat with a fork now. She does really well to! I don't think the other two started using a fork until closer to 18 months. Let me remind you that Hailey just turned 14 months. I don't like it but I should have know that she was going to be spunky and do things when she wants when she decided to come 1 week earlier than her 2 week early eviction date! :oP

Here is a 14 month comparison of all three kiddos. I am a sucker for a good comparison. I feel like Hailey is still a good mix of Hannah and Colson. What do you think? Because there are other times where I think she looks just like Hannah or just like Colson.

In house news, we started working on creating a bench in our mudroom. With the cold weather here, I wanted a place where the kiddos could hang their coats and keep their, be able to put those things on without sitting in the middle if the floor. It's not quite finished but I am happy with where its going. I think it will work!!

Hannah had parent teacher conferences last week. We were told that Hannah is doing really really well. She is reading above kindergarten level and knows everything already that they want them to know by the end of the school year. We were worried that she might be getting bored but her teacher said that she is still very excited about learning and doesn't seem to be getting bored. So that's good! We are just so proud if her! She is one smart cookie. :o)

Winter has arrived. One day we were in the 60s and 2 days later--Boom!--we're in the 20s and 30s. This morning it was snowing and the forecast doesn't show above freezing temps until next Wednesday. I really need a new winter coat too so that doesn't make for a good combination. :o/

I have been working on projects while the kiddos nap and Hannah is working on homework. I decided that I wanted to make each kiddo their own advent calendar. I only had one and with three kids now, that does not leave for very many chances for each kid to put an ornament in the advent calendar. So I have been working on 2 more for Colson and Hailey. Hannah said she wanted to have the tree so I am working in a wreath for Hailey and a deer for Colson. But with 3 advent calendars come 72 ornaments...with hand sewn sequins and beads. Sometimes, I am clearly nuts for taking on the projects I do...but, I am so happy with how that are turning out! :o)

Thanksgiving is 2 weeks from today and I am hosting again this year. I am a sucker for hosting a good 'party'. Now it's just trying to figure out how to seat everyone (22ish people) in my not huge but not small dining room. :o/

So there's an update for you all. I hope you will stick around as I try to get back into a more consistant blogging pattern! :o)

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  1. I can't believe that Hailey is using a fork!! I gave Alyx one the other day to see what she would do, and basically she just about stabbed herself in the eye with it! haha It will be a while before we try that again =)
    Your ornaments for the advent calendar are looking awesome! I so so so wish I were clever like this. Or could at least sew! ;)
    And how awesome that you are getting a bench in your mudroom. We don't even have a mudroom. Uggh. I think our house arrangements are an everyday convo between Brian and I. I'm ready to pack up and move to a bigger house...But him not so much. LOL Someday...someday. hehe =)


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