Frigid Temps

I think a lot of you feel my pain when it comes to the frigid temps we have been having.

I read the other day that our temps here were 20-30 degrees below normal for Novemener and 10-15 degrees below normal for January. 

That is just crazy!

And then just north of us in Michigan they are getting tons of lake effect snow.

We have been lucky enough to miss most of the snow so far but being how it is only November, I know our time will come!

But with these cold temps, the crafter and crocheter in me thought it would be cute to make the girls matching hats.

I bought a pattern from The Velvet Acorn on Etsy and made these:

Hailey loves hers! She will just wear it around the loving room. :oP

Here is a picture with both of the girls wearing their hats. Love.
See also, we have made progress on our mudroom bench. Now, I just need to paint it. Anyone have any paint recommendations for wood/furniture?

So, yeah, it has been freezing here. We are definitely trying to keep toasty in front of the fireplace. Oh, and by sipping hot chocolate! :o)

Stay warm, friends!


  1. It's been so cold here too. You did a great job on the hats! And I love the bench in the mud room =) Stay warm!

  2. Should I mention it is sunny and 70s today? No? Just ignore that then....

    I LOVE the hats, so crafty. I am so not crafty in that way. I can however make a hot cocoa! Stay warm


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