Hannah's 6th Birthday Party

Hannah's 6th birthday party ended up being on her actual birthday this year. 

We had a great turnout and the birthday girl had a blast!

We did a pink and gold princess theme this year by request if the birthday girl herself.

For food, I made tons of skewers and called them food 'wands'. :o)

Then, there was the birthday princess and her cake.

And, of course, there were tons of presents for the birthday princess.

It was a great party and we are so grateful to everyone who came to celebrate Hannah's birthday. 

I just can't believe we have a 6 year old!!

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  1. Looks like Hannah had a great party!! The food looks delish! You should send me the recipes for your kabobs =) I need to figure out what we are doing for food for Alyx's party. Only a week away! LOL
    And Hannah's expressions she has when opening gifts are so cute!!


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