Rough Day

Yesterday was rough.

Hannah woke up just wondering what she could do to drive me nuts. She told me no, she took toys from her brother and she just full-on did not listen to a single thing I said.

And while I know that this is 'normal' behavior for a 3 (almost 4) year old, it still made for a very very long day.

On top of Hannah's diva-ness...I was head-butted, puked on and rammed in the face with a truck. I'll let you guess who was the culprit of those things! :o)

I hate days like those. Days where you feel like you yell more that you praise, you take away toys more than you play with them, and you count down the hours until naptime! You long for your husband to get home so you can have just a single moment to yourself where the kids are not screaming at you or doing something they know they shouldn't be doing!

But after days like yesterday, I start the next day as a new day...because after all IT IS a new day...and it has to be better than that crap-shack of a day you had yesterday! Right? Right!

And today has, in fact, been better. It's like two totally different kids. They have played together, they have played by themselves. They are not screaming at the top of their lungs. They sat on my lap and we read books. Quite frankly, I am wondering if they are even my children!

But they are my children and I am one lucky momma! Because for every bad day we have, they are followed by 5 good days. Some good days are not without their problems but they are good days nonetheless! They are the complete opposite to days like yesterday.

The bad days help you learn to take things as they come and the good days are what makes being a mom so unbelievably great!

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  1. Glad It's better!!
    Must be something in the water....Mackenzie has taken 2 naps today!! That hasn't happened in almost 3 weeks!! It's been heavenly!! :)

  2. I have really been struggling lately. Bennett is always a challenge and a handful, but especially in the last 3 weeks. Ever since school started, the afternoons when we get home are pretty much pure torture for me. I spend the hours breaking up brawls, putting kids in timeout, making dinner, putting kids in timeout, trying to handle a 1 year old that gets into everything, putting kids in time out, breaking up brawls, wiping away the tears, etc. Its exhausting!!!! Oh, and homework and dinner fit into there somewhere. Somedays I feel like I'm just barely holding on.

    But then I think of the talks we have about their school day, reading their new library books that they picked out, loving on them after a long day. Even if its just 30 seconds of calmness at a time, I really enjoy those moments! Its all about perspective!

    .....or maybe its the age. :)


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