Still Here!

Sorry for my lack of posting. I promise I am still here. I just haven't had much time to get down to the office to write out posts.

Here is a little update:

Last week we had some unseasonably warm temperatures. We're talking mid 80's. That is just too hot for the beginning/middle of May. Actually, I think that is just too hot, period! I am definitely a Spring and Fall girl. I love to wear jeans and sweaters/sweatshirts. And sadly it seems like those two seasons just keep on getting shorter and shorter. *tear* But I sucked it up for the sake of Hannah and I went outside with her. She just loves her sandbox! So for a couple afternoons last week that's what we did in the afternoon.

We had to time our sandbox playing in between the crazy storms we had. I guess the crazy warm hot weather also brings crazy storms. We decided to go to Target one evening and got caught in one of the storms. It started hailing so we ended up pulling over under an overpass and waited for it to stop. Fun times!

This week though we have been having really chilly in the 40's. I swear, only in Indiana can you have a 40 degree temperature switch in like 3 days. Blah! Yesterday we actually had a fire going in our fireplace. I thought that we were done with fires so I had cleaned out the fireplace and moved everything downstairs but I was freezing yesterday so I brought it all back up. I now have to clean the fireplace out again but it is worth it. We spent the entire day yesterday in our pjs, in our cozy warm living room. It was pretty perfect! :o)

In other news, my sister-in-law got engaged! I am so excited for her! She found a really great guy and I can't wait for her wedding! November 12th! Hannah is the flower girl and I was asked to be a bridesmaid. I am so honored to be a part off her big day! That just means though, that I have less that 6 months to get my butt in gear and lose some weight! I don't want to be a flabby mess in my bridesmaids dress! :o) I think I will have to do a separate post later on this whole weight loss fun-ness!

So that's about it for updates, I think. At least that is all I can think of right now. I'll do a separate Colson update later. I also have a post about baby food that I want to do so I will have to make sure to find some time to get down in the office.

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  1. Finally. :oP although I can't say anything I had a lack of posts there for awhile. I have a weight loss goal get a bathing suit next summer.*gasp*

  2. you should really come work out with me Jen! i try to go 5 days/week and take the weekends off (or don't go monday and go saturday). The first time is free :)


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