Outside Fun

Hannah absolutely LOVES being outside...especially at grandma and papa's house where they have a swing set and slide. (We only have a swing and sandbox.) 

Such a big girl swinging all by herself! 
Mommy spent an afternoon doing a photo shoot with Aunt Mandi and Uncle Travis. They needed some photos taken for their save the dates before I could design them, so we went out and took some photos while Hannah played. (They loved how they turned out so maybe after they mail them out to everyone I'll be able to share them with you here on the blog!) 

It was a warm one that afternoon (80 degrees) but after we were done shooting I met Hannah over at grandma and papa's. Ah, the joys of living close enough to walk there! It's wonderful! :o)

We did a little swinging together. Grandma took these photos for me. I'm a hot sweaty mess but I love them! :o) They're so Hannah! Plus I'm never in any photos so it's nice to be in some.

It supposed to be beautiful this weekend as well--in the 70's...so that will be nice for our Memorial Day BBQ tomorrow. :o) It was 48 degrees yesterday. Blah!
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  1. These photos of you and Hannah turned out great!


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