Crafts & Stickers

Hannah loves to do crafts. Sometimes I feel like a bad mom because I don't really have a lot of crafts in the house for her to do. I really need to just go to Michaels or Hobby Lobby one day and grab a whole bunch of fun things.

For Easter, though, Hannah got some stamps. Hannah has never played with stamps so I decided to bring them out for her along with her crayons and stickers.

I will definitely have to get her some more stamps whenever I make that trip out for some 'fun things'.

Hannah's main love, however, is stickers. She has a slight fascination with them.

So much so that sometimes it seems a bit OCD. 

Hannah always has to put the stickers down in a straight line--whether it's on paper or in this case, our hands.
Do you notice the stickers on the piece of paper?
Yep, they're in a straight line.

I'm not sure why she does this???

But she loves playing with them so who am I to mess with her creativeness!?

Her art is perfect! :o)

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