This Saturday Nick and I are going to hit up the Carter's 50% off sale and hopefully come back with at least a few sleepers and onsies.  I know we'll probably get clothes from people at the shower but the 10 or so outfits I have gotten our baby myself just won't cut it.  And those outfits range in sizes from 0-3 months to 9 months so there is really only two or three outfits per size.  So I just want to get a few more things for her to wear... but try to stick with more gender neutral stuff just in case.  :oP

I have also been browsing some online stores and a super cute outfit!

This is from Baby Gap.  Cute for Thanksgiving maybe?  I want her to be cute for her first holiday but yet she will be so small...I might have to stick with a cute one piece or something...  :o/ We'll see!
The dress is corduroy and is $26.50.
The sweater is also $26.50

And then how cute are these shoes? They are also from Baby Gap and are $14.50.

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  1. i love baby clothes!!
    i'm going to have to go von maur and hit up their sale racks when you have a conformation it's a girl. they have GREAT sales and since you don't have'll let me spoil your girl! YAY!!


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