Etsy, Etsy, Etsy

I keep finding things that I love one Etsy.  I have yet to buy anything that I have posted about but that day is coming soon.  Once August 30th rolls around and we get another look at Baby Loving, I will start buying things for our baby and the nursery!  August 30th can't come soon enough!  :o)

But here are a few things I found today:

kkhoff11 makes these super cute name blocks that I am definitely putting at the top of my list as something to buy for the nursery.  7 blocks are only $28.00.  They're only 1.5 inches so they're not that big but they would be a great accent to a wall shelf.  I might even get custom ones spelling out her name... but these imagine ones are cute too!

StencilStudio has this really cute wooden sign for $12.00.

IdKnitThat has this cool knit swaddler thingy too that is pretty neat but kind of expensive.  Its $45.00.

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  1. you could make that knit swaddle thingy!


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