Playing Catch-Up

So, I haven't been super good about updating my blog and that makes me sad. The main reason I write on here is so I can look back on it to see Hannah when she was a baby and Colson and of course Hailey--essentially it's my photo album of life. 

I do not have nearly enough photos printed which I am ashamed of because photos deserve and should live in print form. But in this digital age, most of mine sit on hard drives. 

I hate that Hailey's life has not been as documented on my blog as the other two kiddos. I hate that I haven't posted more 'random' blog posts just to know what is/was going on in our life. I hate that my photos only live on my phone and on Instagram and on my computer. It's my fault and I want to be better.

I have no idea who all reads my blog. I have a few commenters every now and then and I am so grateful for you! You are an added bonus to my 'photo album'! I want you guys to stick around!

I know I have posted about being a bad blogger before and how annoying those posts can get, but I write them more to hold myself accountable, I think. And this time I hope to be better at posting. Even if it's a small one photo post...or maybe even a post with no photos at all.

Let's start with this past weekend.

The weather has finally gotten nice...we were still seeing a few random 40 and 50 degree days but I think those are gone now. So I have been out walking with the kiddos and we do family walks when Nick gets home. On our last walk we stopped at our lot so I could get a photo of the kids sitting where our house is going to be built.

Then, on Friday, we meet Nick at the local zoo for a bit. Hannah was at school so it was just Hailey and Colson.

Saturday we celebrated with my cousin and his new husband at their wedding reception/open house. There was a tiny, maybe 4 foot hill at their house and the kids had a blast running and rolling down it. We might need to put in a hill at our new house!

Sunday we went to my parents for a cookout and as an early birthday celebration.

On Memorial Day, Hannah and I spent a couple hours outside while the younger two napped. It was some great one on one time!!

So there is a little catch-up. I still have a post I want to write about the kiddos Mother's Day craft for the grandmas so that is coming. Then hopefully I can stay up to date with my updates. There will be lots of home related posts because that will be a BIG part of our lives for a while, but I also hope to have other random posts in there.

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