Friday Randoms

Planning is underway for Hannah's birthday party--which is only 3 weeks from tomorrow. Hannah picked a pink theme (shocker) and I added in gold. We have also added in some princess elements, as well. I will do a separate post with more details but I will just add that I am loving the food ideas we are doing! :o)

Hailey, I swear, is growing up way too fast. 

She is playing with toys more and can understand simple commands. (Go give panda a hug.)
She also knows where her toes are and can say toes. She has also started playing peekaboo and will say boo while doing so. It's pretty cute!

A while ago, I hung three hooks in our bathroom for the kids towels. Then I put frames above each one to put a pic. Well, I finally have the three photos that I am going to out in those frames...

Each one totally fits each kids personality! I love them! :o)

The weather has taken a nose drive here. The high tomorrow is in the upper 40s which is awesome because Hannah had a soccer game tomorrow morning. :o/ I'm kind of hoping it's canceled. But with cooler temps means fires in the fireplace and those are awesome so I am not complaining! We might even have to bring out the hot chocolate! :o)

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  1. Oh my gosh that first picture of Haley she looks all grown up!! I can't wait to see what you do for Hannah's party. I really really need to start planning Alyx's 1st birthday since it's next month :/.
    The photos of the kids in the tub are awesome!! And what a great idea framing them above hooks on the wall! I wish our bathroom were bigger because I would totally copy you! =) Haha


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