6th Birthday Party Preppin'

Tomorrow is not only Hannah's 6th birthday (WHAT!?), it is also her party. 

I can't believe Hannah will now have to use 2 hands to show how old she is. For some reason 6 just sounds so old to me...like 'mom, I can make my lunch myself' old. :o/ I don't like it! Okay, if she offered to make her own lunch, that would be pretty awesome...but I deep down I wouldn't like it!

It seems just like yesterday that she was Hailey's age and that it was just the 3 of us...and now , here we are celebrating her 6th birthday and she is a big sister x 2 and quite the independent (and sassy) young lady.

Today has been spend getting food ready and picking up things around the house...although, sometimes I wonder why I even bother with the 3 kiddos continually dragging toys out. But rest assured, your butt will sit on a freshly cleaned toilet and there will be less than 5 dirty things in my kitchen sink...maybe. :oP

We are doing a pink and gold princess themed party with castle towers, and gold beads, and food 'wands'. It is sure to be a good time! :o)


  1. Beautiful! Can't wait to see all the details. :)

  2. Happy Birthday Miss Hannah! I can't wait to see all your details! =)


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