Family Photos--The Outfits Revised

I posted last week about our family photo outfits. Well, after staring at that photo, I determined that something was still missing from our outfits. I wasn't quite sure what it was but I started playing around with some things we already had in our closets and came up with some revisions. And let me just say, I am so much more happy with the outfits now!

Just to recap--here were the outfits I posted as of last week:
I liked them, but like I said, I felt like something was missing.

So now here are our revised outfits:

I went back to the jeans for the pants for the boys and I really think that created a nice foundation. Then, I changed Nick's shirt to a maroon and white stripe button down, changed Hannah's grey sweater to a jean jacket with fur that matches Hailey's vest, and changed Hailey's pants to a corduroy floral skirt.

I think these are it! I love the jean element...especially in Hannah's jacket. 

I will not change things up again! I don't think! :oP


  1. I had doubts that it could possibly look any better and it totally does! great job!

  2. The first combo was great, but I have to agree the 2nd is better! Can't wait to see your photos! =)

    1. Thanks! :o) hopefully the weather cooperates this weekend and we're able to get some taken!


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