Easter Weekend

***This post has been saved as a draft for a week now because I have been waiting on internet to be able to upload pictures from my camera. Sadly, our internet is still not working and I am getting impatient so I am going to have to post this using my phone pics. 

The Saturday before Easter we colored eggs. The kids had a blast!

Easter Sunday was a fun filled day.

When the kids woke up we did baskets. They were a hit! :o)

Then we headed to Nick's parent's house for breakfast and all of the cousins did an egg hunt.
In just loved the cousins coordinating outfits! :o)

After that we loaded up in the car for the hour drive to my grandparent's house. We rocked out to the new Frozen CD that Hannah got from the grandma Easter bunny. :oP

I really am amazed at how fast Hannah has memorized the words to all of the songs. She will even act out some of the scenes. :oP Maybe we should look into acting and singing lessons. :o)

But after two rounds of the Frozen songs the kiddos fell asleep so they were able to get a tiny nap in before we got to my grandparent's house.

At my grandparents they did another egg hunt.

It was a busy day of running around outside for the kiddos. We lucked out because the weather could not have been more perfect. 70 degrees. It just made for just an awesome day! :o)

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  1. Great cousin picture! It looks like you had a great Easter. YAY!


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