Easter Baskets

It's crazy that I had to do three Easter baskets this year...you know, because we have three kiddos now. :oP

I remember 5 years ago when it was just Hannah. My goodness, how so many things have changed in just those short 5 years. But it's wonderful and I love it, and it makes me oh so happy! :o)

I thought it would be fun to show you what we put into the kid's Easter baskets this year before they tear into them on Sunday.

So without further adieu, here are this years Easter baskets.

I am a firm believer on the whole 'give them something they need, something they want, something educational, and something fun'. I use that for Christmas and I use it for Easter and it seems to really help to not go too crazy on gifts. :o)

Here is a rundown on what we put in their baskets this year.

Hannah's basket:
Needed--pajamas and socks
Wanted--Lalaloospy minis
Educational--new LeapPad game and a 'build sentences' puzzle
Fun--a kite and magnifying glass
Plus, I threw in a pink drinking cup, some easter eggs filled with m&m's and jelly beans, and some Peeps.

Colson's basket:

Needed--pajamas and socks
Wanted--Octonaut figures
Educational--new LeapPad game and a tangrams style puzzle
Fun--a kite and magnifying glass
And again, I threw in the drinking cup, some easter eggs filled with m&m's and jelly beans, and some Peeps.

Hailey's basket:

Hailey's basket doesn't quite follow the rules because, honestly she is only 7 months old and what could she possibly want or really need? :oP  So, we got her a big girl sippy cup, some mum-mums, a new outfit, a super soft blanket, hair bows and a pink bunny rattle.

I am pretty excited about their baskets so I hope they enjoy them. :o)

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  1. Did I ever tell you that both Hannah AND Hailey are on our top girls name list right now? Anyway, love the baskets and thanks for linking up~!

  2. First off, someone who finally understands our problem... lol We have 4 kids.. haha Also I just noticed both of our daughters share the exact names!! haha

    I love the 4 things list as well, I should of done that. I'll save that idea for next year!

  3. Great job with the baskets Easter Bunny! I'm sure they will all be happy when they wake up tomorrow morning. I love the idea of the 4 things list. I did that for Cameron's first christmas, but didn't the year since not everyone followed what I suggested. I may have to try it again.

  4. Cute baskets! Mackenzie has the nightgown you got Hannah! :)
    Have a good Easter!


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