Fun in the Snow!

Last week, we had our first major snowfall of the winter. We got over 6 inches of snow and of course as soon as the first flakes started falling the kids started asking to go outside to play in it. :oP

So we bundled up and went outside.

Colson was wearing cuffed up 4T pants because I can't seem to find the smaller ones down in the basement...mind you, he barely wears a size 2t pant right now so these were crazy big on him! :o/ Plus he was wearing pink gloves. Because I am a bad mom and I haven't gotten him new gloves yet for this winter. But he didn't care! He had a blast! :o)

The kids also loved playing with these snow coloring marker things. My mom got them for the kids last winter but we never brought them out.

Sadly. the snow was not wet enough to build a snowman. :o( The kids were kind of looking forward to building one but I'm sure this will not be our only snow this winter. Hopefully we'll be able to use our new snowman kit very soon!


  1. Fun! Mackenzie is going to start getting gender neutral coats and snowsuits so Ethan can wear them too! :)


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