Decorating the Tree

I love that the kiddos are old enough to help me decorate the tree.

Okay, yes, I still do most of the decorating, but I leave the bottom part open for them to put up some ornaments. Usually this results in all of their ornaments going onto the same branch, but thats totally okay. :oP

And also, please ignore the 'baby's first christmas' ornaments--those are clearly not my children in the frames. Ha ha ha! I'll get Colson and Hailey's pictures in there eventually. :oP

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  1. Yes, Mackenzie got a few ornaments to put on the tree this year, she wanted to put them on the lights instead. :)
    Now blocks and stuffed animals are ending up in the branches. :)

  2. Love your tree!! We have yet to get Alyx's first christmas ornament. That is on my list of things to get this weekend! I like to get personalized ones, and well with the spelling of her name that's going to be impossible to find. So I guess i'll have to find one at the little kiosk in the mall where they can personalize it for you =)


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