16 Week Baby Update

Due Date? October 2nd

How far along? 16 weeks today

How big is baby? the size of an Avocado--4.6 inches long

Weight gain? +6

Maternity clothes? Pretty much all the time unless I'm in pjs or yoga pants.

Stretchmarks? nope

Sleep? Eh, it's okay.

Best moment this week? We bought a baby name book. We are set on a boys name but a girls name is giving us some problems.

Movement? I might feel a thump here and there...or it might just be gas. I can't tell yet. :oP

Food cravings? I'm just hungry all the time!

Gender? Team Green! My hunch is girl though.

Labor signs? no!

Belly button in or out? in

What I miss? My not so large boobs.

What I am looking forward to? Feeling the baby move.

Milestones? Finally getting a real baby bump

Next doctor's appointment? April 29th--my doctor wants to see me in two weeks rather than the standard four weeks because of my high blood pressure. It was 156/80 at my appointment on Monday. :o/

Here is my 16 week 'bump'.

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  1. You look GREAT! My next appt is April 29th as well =) I'm super excited for another ultrasound! Love seeing pictures!
    And I pretty much wish I could live in my yoga pants 24/7 right now. haha =)

  2. Super cute bump! I'm crossing my fingers for you that your BP goes back down! I had pre-e and it wasn't very fun! Hope you can escape it!

  3. Love the bump!!!! I'm jealous you've only gained 6lbs. I'm sadly at 8-10lbs and I cannot be trusted with food!

  4. Good job at only 6 pounds!! I'm going to try not to gain a lot next time because I have yet to lose all that I gained last night. I figure I am starting ahead of the game. :oP


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