If it was September all year long, I would not complain!  With September comes the change in seasons.  It brings my favorite season: Fall!  

It's the perfect time to go to the orchard and pick apples... which we will definitely be taking Hannah to go do! 

It's the perfect time to whip out those fall candles and light them all around the house.

It's the perfect time to pull out those sweatshirts that have been packed away all summer.

It's the perfect time to turn the air conditioning off (although we haven't really had it on this summer) and open all he windows to let the cool breeze blow through.

It's the perfect time to take your dinner outside and enjoy the deck.

It's the perfect time to wash all of the blankets with fabric softener so they are extra soft when you wrap yourself in one and cuddle with your hubby on the couch.

It's the perfect time to decorate your house with those autumn decorations: a leaf wreath for the front door, mini bails of hay, pumpkins and gourds... 

I love September!  :o)


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  1. ME TOO!! I almost wish we were getting married in September....that's just because I want to be married NOW!
    But October is fall too! :o)


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