11 Months Old!

Hannah says:

                                               ...I'm 11 months old today!


What is Hannah up to these days???

*  She is wanting to walk more and more but she has yet to get up the nerve to let go of our fingers and try on her own.

*  Her new words include 'Dod' for Dodger, 'Ni-Ni' for night night, Bye-Bye, Hannah (yes she can say her name), and she can only manage to get out the 'Aw' for All Gone.

*  She loves to wave bye-bye and flip her hand for all gone.

*  She is definitely getting a little attitude, which means she is also starting to throw fits.

*  We had to lower her crib to the lowest setting.

*  She loves pancakes, sweet potatoes, apples, Cheerios and Rice Krispies.  We are really starting to explore new 'big girl' foods now so I'm sure that list will grow quickly.

*  She is wearing 12-18 months clothes.  

*  We have officially retired ALL bottles and have strictly gone to sippy cups.  And just yesterday she learned how to sip from a straw so mommy might be buying some cups with built in straws here very soon!


Hannah is getting so big!  We are officially on the countdown to her 1st birthday!  I just can't believe it!

Party plans are well under way.  I have almost all of the favor containers made.  I have about 30 tissue paper flowers made (but I still need more if we're going to decorate the garage too).  We have decided what we are getting her for her birthday, which I will post about later. And I have most of the menu planned out which I will also make a separate post about.

Hannah, we love you very much!  Happy 11 month birthday little butterfly! *kiss*



  1. Such a big girl now! :) I cant believe she is 11 months already! Geez where did the time go?

  2. I was going to tell you too, she is old enough now to have some dairy products, like yogurt, cottage cheese, and regular cheese. My boys LOOOOVE yogurt and cheese and yogurt is an easy food for them to eat at this stage.

    I like the Yobaby brand because not only is it organic, but it's also whole milk and they have some yummy flavors for the kids without adding a bunch of sugar.

  3. Thanks Courtney! I think I'll try that yogurt! :o)


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