First Day of Fall=Gloomy Day

Today is the first day of Fall!  I am so excited that Fall is finally here... officially!  

Although Fall has not very nice to us so far. Today is one gloomy, rainy day. That and they're saying it is supposed to get up to 83 degrees.  UGH!  I'm sorry but that is not a Fall day!

Today is this kind of day:
Yeah, I did do that to my daughter.  Does that make me a bad mom???  I thought it was funny!  :o/ make this day even worse... Hannah gets her flu shot today.  Poor thing.  :o(

Hopefully the weather will whip into shape here in the next few days!  I am ready to wear sweaters and sweatshirts!  :o)  And so is Hannah... because mommy kind of packed up most of her summer clothes.  If the weather doesn't cool off, I am going to have to put Hannah in a sweater when it is 80 degrees outside... and I don't think that would be very good.

What is your first day of Fall like?  warm? rainy? cool? I hope it is better than ours!



  1. RAINY! Well,'s supposed to rain later on today. And it's close to 80 too. But this week it's supposed to be 70....and rain. ugh.

  2. ours was gloomy as well but humid and about 80 degrees. I agree about the clothes. B has outgrown most of his summer clothes, so he had to wear jeans today but those were the only clean pair of pants that fit him. His shorts are all too small.

    And I love that pic of Hannah's hair! Too funny!!!


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