The Nursery!

Since I can't start the nursery for another... well who knows how long... I have been obsessed with at least trying to pick everything out for it.  

We're moving and probably won't be in the house until after the baby is born so I will not have an official nursery to bring our baby girl home to (which does not make me happy!!!).  I think it is really screwing up my nesting period but I guess there's nothing I can do about it except be upset, right!?

Anyways, I have been looking at upholstered rockers for the future nursery and have really only found one that I like and is not an ungodly amount of money.  
Oddly enough, it is from Walmart...

I have also been looking for design inspirations for the walls.  If we go with the polka dot bedding from Pottery Barn that I blogged about in my previous entry, then I have been tossing around these ideas:

Oh how I wish I could start the nursery...  URGH!

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  1. That's a great rocker! It's looks comfy but also modern!


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