Bella Band

I am three days shy of being 11 weeks pregnant... and I fortunately still fit into my normal jeans rather comfortably.  But I know those days are short lived...

I have come across this thing called a Bella Band.  It is pretty much just a piece of fabric that goes around your waist but is tight enough to hold pants up if they are unbuttoned. This way it gives you a bit more time in your normal jeans before buying the dreaded maternity pants. It is also used as an 'undershirt' if your shirt does not cover your growing belly.  It acts like a cami.


I am headed to Columbus, OH for the weekend to visit my best friend so I am going to try to find one of these while we're hitting up the malls. I would rather buy one of these instead of the maternity pants. At least for right now anyway. :o) And like I said... my days are short lived wearing my normal jeans so I'm sure I'll need this more sooner that later.

I'll write a review when I finally end up wearing it!

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  1. Hi Jen! Congratulations again! Glad to see you on blogger and I look forward to hearing all about your pregnancy!

    P.S. I used to work at Motherhood and everyone loved the Bella Band!


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