And Baby Makes Three!

Its March 2nd...
We're in the 'dreaded' aisle... the aisle in the store that for so many year we did all that we could to avoid.  Now here we are starring at all the different pregnancy tests wondering if this could really be happening.  Could we have been blessed on our first month of trying to conceive?  Could it actually be possible?  

Who knew there were so many tests.  Which one do we chose?  After what seems like forever, and starring at the tests like we were 18 years old we finally just picked up a box and threw it in the cart.  That box will ultimately tell us if our lives our going to change...

I avoided taking the test that night, thinking that it was still to early to test.  A part of me was sure that I couldn't be pregnant... it takes months of trying... especially coming off of birth control that I had been on for so long. Right?  But I get up the nerve to test the following morning.  My husband had already left for work.  It was so surreal waiting those 3 little minutes for the results.  2 minutes... 1 minute... and yes, there they were, those 2 pink lines.  Holy crap!

I had a range of emotions.  I was excited, scared, happy... I'm not sure how I made it through work that day.  I ended up leaving early though to run out to Target.  I was there about a week before with my mom and saw a onesie that would be perfect for breaking the news to my husband.  It was a onesie that said Tax Deduction on the front.  

So I get home that evening and start making dinner.  My husband arrives home but I say nothing.  We eat and then I go into the bedroom to grab the onesie.  I come back out into the living room and tell him I have something to show him... he immediately says, "You're pregnant"  I show him the onesie and he smiles.

We couldn't be happier about this news!  I find myself , at times, still not believing I'm pregnant.  I have so far been blessed with no morning sickness... just extreme fatigue and the occasional mild cramping.  The grandparents are beyond words.  It will be the first grand-baby on either side.

So here we are... on this incredible journey as our family grows... I'm sure it going to be a crazy but wonderful ride!

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