Sledding, Sixties, and a Blizzard

Presidents Day weekend we finally got a couple inches of snow so I took the kids over to grandma and papa's that Monday to go sledding because they we off of school.

Of course, they loved every minute!!

Then, not even a week later we had a crazy 60 degree day so we took the kids to the park.

Now, I'm currently at home during a blizzard. It's been snowing all day.  School was canceled at 5:30 this morning before it even started snowing.

So, Monday the 15th was sledding, then Sayurday the 20th was playing at the park with no coats, and now today-Wednesday the 24th we have a blizzard.

But it looks like the kids will get in one more sledding day tomorrow! Plus it's a crazy wet snow so maybe we can make a snowman. :o)

Thanks crazy Indiana weather!


  1. Sounds like everybody is having crazy weather. I guess that is spring? At least you got that park day in between.

  2. Jealous of your snow! We've barely had any this winter - what a bummer for the kids! Not one single snow day or late start - nuts! We did get the awesome weather last weekend, though, and we're forecasted for mid 50's this weekend again! Weird weather. :)


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