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When the kiddos were still on their winter break we took them up to the legoland store to pick out a new Lego. Mom and dad had to stop by The Tile Shop and IKEA so we told the kids we could go to legoland since we were going to be up their.

Hailey had fun looking are herself in the phone. I had to snap a series of photos because she was just too cute.

Hannah went back to school so it was back to Colson having a bit of time to himself in the morning before Hailey wakes up.

So many memories with this hat. I made it for Hannah when she was just about Hailey's age. Little Miss is obsessed with hats lately.

With the colder weather the dogs have been snuggle bugs.

Hailey was my little helper and the fabric stop the other day. 

A house post is up next. A little overdue but I will be all about framing!

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