Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!

Holy moly it's 2016!

We rang in the New Year with a picnic dinner on the living room floor, with a fire burning in the fireplace. We built legos in between bath sessions and watched Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years Eve on television.

It was very low key but it was perfect!!

2015 was very good to us!

Colson turned 4, Hailey turned 2, and Hannah turned 7.

We had a blast on vacation. Hannah caught more fish than I did. We kayaked almost every day. We just relaxed and enjoyed being up in the Northwoods!

Hannah started 1st grade and is excelling at everything. She's at the very top of her class! *excuse the proud mommy bragging moment* :o)

Colson started preschool and while he was scared at first, he now loves going. He loves his teachers and has made many new friends.

Soccer got off to a rough start for Colson but he finally came around and is now excited to play next season. Hannah is also improving at her soccer skills and is excited to play.

Hailey is enjoying the one-on-one mommy time that she gets while the older kids are at school. We have had many Target and craft store trips together…and we end them with french fries or "doh-nos" for her and a McDonald's coke for mommy. :o) She's my little shopping buddy!

And the most exciting thing is we started building a new house. It's been crazy doing it with three children since the last time we built a house we only had Hannah as a baby, but it has been fun watching them watch the process. Stressful at times, but very exciting. We can't wait to move in and call it home!

So, 2016 is looking to be a big deal. New house, new adventures…and slowing down and enjoying every moment.

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  1. Ethan is my 'little sidekick.' Love they get a little extra special attention being the babies of the families. Agh, I can't believe we have kids in school and babies who will be there in 1.5 years. :(
    I think our next get together needs to include our 'sidekicks.' Ok, maybe not. But if we lived closer it could! Ok, now to talk to Erin about that new job being back in Indy....OH was good for a year....
    I guess I could send you an email instead....but commenting is more fun. ;) Now if only I'd follow through on blogging....


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