Boy, it's been awhile...

But life has been happening, and we have been keeping busy which is a good thing. :o)

However, I have been finding time to craft. 

I started doing a lot of string art. I found it really relaxing. 

Here are a few pics of some things I have made. I have these and others listed on etsy so go check them out (plum ruffle)!! :o)

I have also been trying to use up some yarn so I made these--also listed on etsy.

And then I painted this cute family sign that I plan on hanging in our mudroom. I am pretty much in love with it and once I get it hung I will be sure to post a picture of the mudroom 'collage'. 

So yeah, lots of fun stuff. :oP 

I'll do a life update here very soon! :o)

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  1. oh it all looks beautiful! I wish I was a bit more craftier. It is fun to get some things done.


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