Colson's 4 Year and Hailey's 18 Month Stats

Colson is still...small, at a whopping 30 lbs and 38 inches. But we all knew that, didn't we!? :oP 

He gained a pound and a half since last year and grew 3 inches so he is making progress...someone just has to be the smallest.

Otherwise everything looks good. They said he's healthy!

Hailey came in at 21.14lbs and 30 and a half inches. She didn't gain any weight since her 15 month appointment but grew an inch and a half.

Hailey dropped a bit in percentiles but they're not worried. They said she's just probably following in her brother's footsteps. :oP

So Hannah is going to be super tall and then the other two are gonna be shorties. Haha!

Hailey is really starting to say more words and play with toys--her newest words being lovie, pretty, Minnie and Olaf. :oP She is obsessed with anything Minnie Mouse and Olaf related these days! She is also pretty fond of Goodnight Moon. She loves to find the little mouse. 

She is becoming more of a little peson rather than a baby and I don't like it. :o( If I could keep her at this a act age forever I think I would because she is just so fun!

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