Outside Fun

We have managed to get outside to play in between all of the rain we have had the past week.

Last weekend we tried out Hannah's new sprinkler. I wanted to get that mat sprinkler (from TRU) but we were at Walmart and they had this one. 
At first she was fine...
...but then she felt the water.

Hannah did not really like it. :o( But it's not that she didn't like the sprinkler, it's that she didn't like the freezing cold water coming out of it. So maybe when it's really hot in July she'll like it. If not maybe I'll just blow up her pool so she can splash around.

Today we played with some sidewalk chalk. Hannah loved it but she's still not able to press hard enough to actually 'draw' anything.

 Yeah, she felt the need to lay down and draw.

We also had some fun with her cozy coupe car. :o)

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! I know we did! :o)



  1. I love those cars!!!

  2. It's funny because she can only push herself backwards...she hasn't figured out how to go forward. :oP


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