Halfway There!

I am 20 weeks this week... which means I am halfway through my pregnancy.  AH!  Where has the time gone?  Next week is July already. Craziness!  I posted a photo of me at 20 weeks.. UGH. I don't like it but it will do, I guess.  I think I just look fat...

But July 3rd I have another doctors appointment.  I'm sure it will be pretty uneventful... just weigh and measure me... oh and then listen to the heartbeat which is always wonderful to hear!  :o)  Maybe we'll get to schedule our next ultrasound but I'm thinking we have to wait until after the next appointment at the end of July.  My doctor said around 28 weeks and at the end of July I'll be 26 weeks, so I'm guessing it will be after that appointment.  But I can hope she'll let us schedule it early... I'm dying to get a better image of her... and to find out for sure if she is in fact a she!  :oP

I have finally started to feel Baby Loving moving around.  Nothing strong and nothing too consistent, but they're definitely her.  :oP  I'll be sitting at work and I'll get a little nudge right under my belly button, or I'll be laying on the couch and I'll feel her kicking.  It is pretty cool!  I can't wait for her to start kicking with some power so Nick can feel it!  :o)

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  1. Yay!!! It gets crazier too!! Kailee is moving so much now that it wakes me up!!!


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