Baby Bedding Update

So I think I might have changed my mind on the baby bedding that I want.  I love the bedding I posted about a while ago that is from Target, but after a while it seems to get a little boring.

I was browsing the Babies R Us website and came across this bedding... which is in the same colors but a lot more exciting without being too gender specific.

Its more money at $199.99 (so almost $100 more) and doesn't come with all the extras that the Target bedding comes with (like matching pillows, blankets, nightlight, etc) but I still think I like it more.  And since it is the same colors as the one from Target I could always still get the extra sheets from that set and anything else that matched.

What do you think?  Which bedding set is the better choice?

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  1. Wow!! You find awesome designs of baby bedding... Love them...


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