We have a heartbeat!

Our doctor said typically you can't hear a heartbeat on the doppler until around 16 weeks... but she gave it a try with me only being 14 weeks.  But... after only a little trouble, she found it!  It was the best sound ever.  To think a baby, that my husband and I created, is alive inside of me.  It was very cool to say the least!

But, my doctor said everything looks perfect and if she had to guess the gender right now... she thinks its a girl. But obviously its just a guess and we won't know the gender for sure until the ultrasound.  I have another doctors appointment in four weeks so she said to schedule the ultrasound for right before then, so the baby is bigger and we'll get a better image of him/her.  My husband is still not fully sold on finding out the gender, but I think between me and his mom, we'll be able to change his mind.  :o)

So know I have to wait three weeks... ugh.  I'm really excited for the ultrasound and to get a photo of baby Loving.  And hopefully we'll find out the gender as well!  YAY!

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