Baby's First Photos

We went for our first ultrasound yesterday and it was amazing! The U/S Tech took all the measurements that our doctor needed and her heartbeat was 143 bpm. It was great to see her little beating heart on the screen... it really set my mind at ease. We saw her two hands and her two feet, and we even got a photo of her scary skeletor face. :o)



Her cute little foot!


And the obligatory skeletor face photo.


When we go to our doctors appointment next Thursday, our doctor will go over everything else with us... like what the baby weighs and what its measuring. But to us she is already perfect... and kicking and squirming around like crazy!

And yes, if you have noticed I am referring to our baby and a HER and SHE... which means we are having a girl... well as far as the U/S Tech can tell. We could not get a good profile shot or a good 'money shot' (and that was on top of the ultrasound being at 16 weeks not the preferred 20 weeks to determine gender) so she could not tell us 100% that it was a girl but she said she sees no signs of there being little boys parts. So for right now its a girl and then when we go for our next ultrasound we will find out for sure and then we can start buying pink. :oP We weren't going to find out the sex but we changed our minds. We're super excited and we're already calling her by name (of which I am not going to share right at this moment). 

It was an all around great day and a wonderful birthday present!

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