Doctor Well Visits--Hannah and Colson

Hannah and Colson had their well visits last week.

Here are their stats:

Hannah is 50 inches tall and 55.8 pounds and is around the 60% for height and weight. So she is a bit taller than average--which I figured. She has always been slightly taller than average.

She is still a size 7 with some 8s but she is quickly outgrowing her 7s.

Colson is 41 inches tall which is about the 10% and 36.8 pounds which is the 17% so he is staying on the small track. That's no shocker to anyone. I swear, this kid will never be able to be moved to a booster car seat. :oP

He is wearing mostly 4t although I did buy him some 5t tshirts for summer. For shorts though he is still in mostly 3ts.

All is well. Colson got his kindergarten shots so that was a bummer but now they are done and over with.

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  1. It's amazing how different kids grow at different paces? I'm sure he'll have a growth spurt some year :)


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