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Hannah finally lost her other front tooth. After some drama of falling and hitting her face on the floor it finally fell out. It was already very loose so hitting her face knocked it even more loose. After not even 2 days and refusing to pull it out, it fell from her face while she was sleeping.

We enjoyed one last day playing in the leaves. The weather was perfect. Now the leaves are all off of the trees and the weather is turning colder. We have a chance for snow this weekend. Yuck!

House is making slow but steady progress. I'll do another post about the house soon but we poured the driveway and porch and the electrician just finished up. Next it's the plumbers turn.

We had our first fire of the season. Like I said, the weather is turning colder so we loaded up on some firewood and had our first fire. The kids got so excited and wanted to "cuddle by the fire". :o)

Little Miss was enjoying some time without the other two kiddos. She becoming quite opinionated these days and definitely testing her boundaries. Unfortunately for her, this is not my first rodeo so she's not going to get away with much.

I may have decorated for Christmas this week and all before I host Thanksgiving at our house next Thursday. I have always waited to decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving but with this being our last Christmas in this house, I just wanted to enjoy it a bit more. So everything is up but our tree. We'll be getting that right after Thanksgiving.

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