The Shedd Aquarium

We started off 2015 by taking the two older kiddos to the aquarium up in Chicago on New Years Day.

It was a bit chilly (10 degrees with the windchill) and we were not expecting to have to stand in line outside for almost an hour in that weather so that part of it was not fun. It was to the point where the kiddos were crying because their toes hurt and it just broke my heart. :o( But once we got inside and got our tickets, the tears quickly went away and we had a blast!

My favorite part was the jellies exhibit.

I think Hannah enjoyed seeing the sea lions the best and Colson loved the stingrays.

We just had an all around fun time! :o) I'm glad we were able to take the kids.


  1. How fun!! And how awesome that you were able to take just Hannah & Colson. The jelly fish definitely would have been my fav!

  2. So fun! I would have loved to see those jelly fish. Mackenzies favorite area of the zoo is the aquarium, maybe I can convince Erin to take a trip to Chicago sometime to go here. :o)

  3. New follower here :) What an awesome trip to the Shedd! Do you live in IL? I'm in the burbs and haven't been to the Shedd since my son was 1 (he's almost 5) I so want to take my kiddos there soon, the city has so much to offer!


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