Girl Mom Box Swap

I joined up with Beth from Our Sweet Little Girls and some other moms for a fun girl mom Box Swap.

It was fun to get Hannah involved in a swap! She loved that she got to pick things out and mail them and then get a box in the mail just for her. :o)

Hannah was paired up with Aubrey. Sarah (Aubrey's mom) and I actually already knew each other in the blog world. Colson and Aubrey were born right around the same time. :o) So it was cool that our girls were paired up for this swap. :o)

When Hannah's box arrived, she couldn't wait to tear into it!

On the top was a cute card that Aubrey made and some of her favorite candies as an extra special treat.

Then Hannah opened a cute little popsicle coin purse keychain.

So cute, right!? It's now on Hannah's school backpack!

Then she opened a make your own ring kit--jewelry plus it was a craft--a win in Hannah's book. Hannah loved it!

Lastly, she opened a paper bead making kit. She has already been making beads so this was a hit as well! :o)

Hannah sends a big THANK YOU to you, Aubrey and hopes you like all of your goodies, as well! :o)

Be sure to check out the other girls blogs to see what everyone got in their boxes!


  1. Hannah's expressions are priceless! She looks SO excited about everything she got! Crafts are always a hit! =)
    Thanks for joining us in this swap!! =)

  2. I love her reactions! So cute! That little popsicle key chain is adorable!

  3. Oh my goodness, her reactions are adorable! This was such a fun box swap!

  4. That popsicle change purse is so cute!! Thanks for joining the swap!

  5. Oh! I am so glad Hannah loved her box! Aubrey was super excited about the coin purse! I can't wait to show this post to Aubrey when she gets home from school! Thank you guys so much!

  6. Aww, I love her reaction to the ring kit! What fun goodies and treats from Sarah and Aubrey!


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