Girl Mom Box Swap

I joined up with Beth from Our Sweet Little Girls and some other moms for a fun girl mom Box Swap.

It was fun to get Hannah involved in a swap! She loved that she got to pick things out and mail them and then get a box in the mail just for her. :o)

Hannah was paired up with Aubrey. Sarah (Aubrey's mom) and I actually already knew each other in the blog world. Colson and Aubrey were born right around the same time. :o) So it was cool that our girls were paired up for this swap. :o)

When Hannah's box arrived, she couldn't wait to tear into it!

On the top was a cute card that Aubrey made and some of her favorite candies as an extra special treat.

Then Hannah opened a cute little popsicle coin purse keychain.

So cute, right!? It's now on Hannah's school backpack!

Then she opened a make your own ring kit--jewelry plus it was a craft--a win in Hannah's book. Hannah loved it!

Lastly, she opened a paper bead making kit. She has already been making beads so this was a hit as well! :o)

Hannah sends a big THANK YOU to you, Aubrey and hopes you like all of your goodies, as well! :o)

Be sure to check out the other girls blogs to see what everyone got in their boxes!

Our Christmas Surprise!

So this christmas might be one of my most favorites to date. I mean, I always love christmas…but this one was extra special!

Why? Because we were finally able to spill the beans on a little secret we had been keeping from the kids for pretty much a year.

I will let the video and photo do the talking! :o)

At first the kids had no idea what was going on and then finally Hannah figured it out. :oP

Honestly, I am not sure who was more excited about this secret…them or us!

Later that night, at my parents house, we revealed another little secret…that grandma and papa were going with us! YAY!

There will be tons of photos from our trip posted on here once we return so be sure to check back!!

Nail Polish Swap--The Reveal!

Today is reveal day for the nail polish swap I co-hosted a few weeks ago.

I was partnered up with Heather over at My Glittery Heart.

When my package from Heather arrived it was definitely a happy mail day!!

I opened up my box to find everything in this cute little bag. 

Like, seriously, how cute is this?

Inside the bag we're all these pretty polishes and some nail files.

I love everything that Heather picked out for me! I mean, purple...of course I'm going to love that! And I am excited to try out that nude polish. I have yet to find one I love. The Essie polish will be perfect for Spring and I think the red screams Disney to me so I think my toes will get that color before we leave next week. :o)

Here are the polish names (L-R):
ESSIE--Berried Treasures
O.P.I--You're So Vanilla
O.P.I--Coca-Cola Red
O.P.I.--Hello Hawaii Ya?

Thank you, Heather for my polishes. I love them!!

Be sure to link up with us, if you participated in the swap! We'd love to see your goodies.

Colson's 100th Day of School

Colson recently had his 100th day of school.

To celebrate the had to make a project that included 100 items and then dress like a 100 year old person.

For his project, Colson decided to do 100 worms. 

I managed to find some worms at BASS Pro to use. We had a hard time getting them to stay glued to the board but I think it turned out pretty well! He was excited about it!

And how cute is my little old man!?

The glasses and suspenders! I can't even handle the cuteness!!

He was cutest 100 year old man!! 

Colson's 6th Birthday

I know I am behind on posts--like Hailey and Hannah's Birthday and Christmas--and I plan to catch up soon!! But for right now, I have Colson's birthday pictures on my phone and not my camera so I will do an update on his party. 

So...Colson turned 6! SIX! 

On his actual birthday, we had lunch with him at school.

Then, for his party, Colson wanted a Star Wars theme. 

I have yet to see any of the movies so I was totally clueless, but with a bit of help, I think we did ok in the planning department.

I made chocolate covered pretzels aka lightsabers and I tried my hand at fondant to make Colson's cakes.

By request of the birthday boy he wanted a taco/nacho bar again. It was a big hit!

He had a great birthday!

He is now fully stocked with nerf guns and has been replenished with lego sets!

And the day couldn't go by without acknowledging the other birthday boy.

Dodger turned 14 so we celebrated with a little 'cake' for him too.

Happy 14th birthday, old man!